The Samba Camp almost had a boxing match between Richarlison-Vinicius.

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Brazil has trained before the friendly football game in Japan. But it turned into a heated rehearsal. When there is a clash between Richarlison and Vinicius until almost girls punch each other

Brazil just beat South Korea 5-1 in a warm-up game in Seoul. last thursday then arrive in Tokyo and rehearsed on Sunday Before playing a warm-up game against Japan on Monday 6 JuneIn Brazil’s training sessions, a clash between Richarlison and Vinicius nearly escalated into a fistfight, with Neymar and Lucas Paqueta among others helping. Let’s separate the two from each other. But it was captured by a photographer quite a lot.

The cause of this clashes or quarrels is unclear. On the other hand, Richarlison and Vinicius are both seriously pulling on each other’s training shirts, with the Real Madrid forward shrugging the Everton striker’s head, thankfully that nothing escalated more than that UFABET .

 However, clips later emerged that the pair were actually teasing each other. Believing that Richarlison was intent on escaping penalties in the event of a loss. Between the players during training sessions. Finally, Vinicius and others followed up with a joking slap on his head. With the exception of Neymar, who even snapped behind the Everton star’s ear.