Techniques and formulas for winning the game of Baccarat.

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Techniques for always looking at the back of the card It is a bet that allows us to observe the Baccarat card. With previously released statistics. Must be drawn in a row for a long time, 4 – 5 draws. For example, the cards are drawn in the manner of 10 J / 10 K / J k / QJ. If issued in this manner Let us place a bet on a tie. It has more than 70-85% effect on winning.

Looking at the card layout, even pattern, odd pattern. For example PPPP is a pair of cards. But if BBB is an odd card. It is a winning card that has 2 characteristics. Let us bet according to that card.

The technique of viewing the 3 row card layout is a very popular view of the card layout. By observing this card layout before placing a bet. Let us observe the previous 3 rows of cards. What is the frontmost body and then let us stab at that by UFABET 

pairing By placing at the Baccarat card layout that wins even numbers, such as which side has won 2 4 6 8, we can bet on the Player, having a chance of winning up to 98%.

Following the layout of ping pong cards. There is a winning card layout. alternating designs This deck is considered the easiest to read. and have the easiest chance of winning

Following the layout of the dragon card It is an easy-to-read card layout. It is a very popular card layout.

Online gambling techniques, look at the card layout, 2 cut 1. For example, if either side wins 2 times, the third eye lets us choose to go down according to the winning side.