Salah scores 4 goals, Egypt wins 6-0 in Africa World Cup qualifiers

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Salah scores 4 goals, Egypt wins 6-0 in Africa World Cup qualifiers.

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s top scorer, continue his fervor for the national team. Scoring 4 goals as Egypt beat Djibouti 6-0 at home. Report from ufabet

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s top scorer, continued his fervor to the national team. When he scored 4 goals for Egypt to beat Djibouti 6-0 in the 2026 World Cup qualifying round, Africa zone.

Salah, aged 31, has produced a high standard of performance throughout. This season, scoring 12 goals for Liverpool in the first 16 games of every competition. Continuing from scoring no less than 30 goals over the previous 3 seasons.

Most recently, on Thursday led the Egyptian team the qualifying route for the 2026 World Cup. Africa Zone, Group A, which this time was a one-and-done round. Select 9 group champions to automatically qualify for the final round and 4 group runner-up teams. Continue to play in the playoff round.

Egypt easily breezed past Djibouti 6-0, with scoring four goals alone in the 17th, 22nd, 48th and 69th minutes, plus goals from Mostafa Mohamed and Mahmoud Trezeguet. Each goal was 73 and 89 respectively.

For the next match, 19 November, Egypt will travel to Sierra Leone, where it is expected that will ready to lead the Mummy’s offense as usual.