Gerrard credits Inzaghi making surplus the Premier League.

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Inter Milan head coach Simone Inzaghi was sincerely praised by BT Sport analyst Steven Gerrard for taking on the role of a dark horse in the Champions League final 2023. A mixture of Italian football and a group of players that the English Premier League sees as exhausted.

Second leg semi-final game, Inter repeated victory against AC Milan 1-0 yesterday. Combining the results of the two games into the final with a total goal of 3-0. Which is the sixth Champions League/European Cup final of the club. Then the last time after the year 2010. Which reached the championship  UFABET

Four players deployed to Giuseppe Meazza were the English top flight’s unwanted players: Matteo Darmian, Henrikh Mkhitary. Jan, Edin Dzeko in the first line-up, Romelu Lukaku on the bench. 

The perfect blend of international and local players is what Stevie G admired in Inzaghi, even in his sophomore year. 

“Last night we had to give credit to Inzaki. In a game against city rivals like this But it didn’t allow it to happen, ”Former CHPL champion. 2005 said 

“He has little space for rival striker Rafael Leao to show off his quick pace, impeccable defense. And all the subs that have been replaced are correct.”

“The head coach has found a great formula that works for this team.” 

“From now on we have to decide who will play in the final. If taking a veteran, it has to be Cheko or Lukaku, who in the last game has changed to a reserve position and played well.

Inter is the latest team to finish second in the group stage and still enter the Champions League final after Liverpool, Spurs in the 2018-19 season. While the latest Italian club is Juventus 2014-15.