Bergwiin wants to move away from Spurs now.

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Steven Bergwiin, Holland winger Came out and announced that. He wants to move out of Spurs immediately before the summer transfer market is launched.

Spurs recently turn down a £17m offer from Ajax for the Dutch winger earlier this week. But the player has clearly express his intention to leave the North London team.

After breaking the net in Holland’s 4-1 thrashing of Belgium on Friday, Bergwiin opened up about why he hasn’t left the club yet.

Bergwine revealed UFABET. “I just want to play. I want to leave Spurs right now, that’s for sure.”

“Is it important for my new club to play in the Champions League? That’s not the most important thing for me, it would be nice, but the important thing is that I get to play.”

“I wasn’t allow to leave Spurs in the winter. And I haven’t had any problems, but in the last few months. I was hardly seen there.”

“I want to play somewhere every week. It would be nice if it was clear soon. My situation right now is different.”

  Stephen Bergwijn began playing professional club football in 2009-2011 with Ajax and later in 2011-2014 with PSV Eindhoven. Later in the year 201-2017 joined professional football club in 2014-2020 with PSV Eindhoven, later in 2020 moved across the league to play in England together with the Premier League. Together with the team Tottenham Hotspur, which is the current club that is joining the football team.