AC Milan fall into the Champions League.

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BT Sport analysts Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen believe AC Milan should be eliminated from the semi-finals CHPL. Because the overall picture of the two legs is so harmless. Especially in front of the blunt fangs that they lose to Inter Milan with a total goal of 0-3.

‘The Rossoneri’ was again beaten by ‘Python’ in the second leg yesterday 0-1 after losing 0-2 early last week. The defensive quality is poor. Came across an inefficient offensive line again. It’s amazing how it made it to the playoffs. 

Owen’s opening mouth. 

“Yes, of course, this is a disappointing performance. Milan played worse from head to toe. There is no doubt which team will qualify for the final after two legs.” UFABET 

“It’s all heard that AC Milan lost 0-3, it didn’t seem like they could score a goal in the second half yesterday. Only looked good for the first half hour of the game. They probably thought that if they could score a goal then they would be back in the game. But with the game after hours, it was completely controlled.” 

On the side of Ferdinand, speaking in a ‘red-black devil’ style. He rode his luck until this round. 

“I don’t want to disrespect AC Milan too much, but looking back in the group stages. No one thought they would come through here. Even if it reaches the semifinals. “Former CHPL champion. 2008 

“Looking at where they are currently in the Italian Serie A table (fifth place). They really have come a long way in the Champions League.”

“Milan looked absolutely clueless, I saw Inter Milan deserved to go through after two legs.” 

Inter qualified for the Champions League . This time is the club’s sixth success in the European Club Championship ( including the European Cup ). The last time the 2009-10 season reached the championship .