5 walking techniques It helps to lose weight more effectively.

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5 walking techniques It helps to lose weight more effectively.

As you know, “walking” is one of the methods of exercise that contributes to weight loss and reduces the risk of various diseases. very well Just walking for just 10 minutes a day walking techniques will significantly improve your cardiovascular health. But did you know that if you add these techniques to your walk? It will help your weight loss to even more effective. Let go to ยูฟ่าเบท

1. Do routines or short movements before walking: Stretching or stimulating your muscles before walking can reduce your chances of injury during and after walking.

2. Wear a vest Or weighted backpack while walking: Adding weight to your walks will increase the demand and intensity on your body during the walk. Usually, anything that makes exercise more challenging will lead to increased calorie burn.

3. Use the application Or phone to track your steps: Tracking data can help motivate you to reach your goals to achieve.

4. Add a jog Run or jog while walking: Jog or run for as little as 10 seconds, then walk for 2 minutes, and repeat. or short run While walking, it increases the intensity of your walking exercise. which will accelerate weight loss

5. Make a fun playlist: Listening to your favorite music will keep you energized on the treadmill. It’s the same with listening to uplifting music while you’re out and about. It will help make the experience more enjoyable. Therefore, it is advisable to create a playlist of your favorite songs that you can play for a long time.