Why you shouldn’t pluck your gray hair?

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Gray hair is cause by the melanin pigment at the base of the hair that gives the hair its color. There is a decrease in work efficiency. or stop working As a result, the hair appears white or gray, rough and not shiny. Normally, Asian people will start to have gray hair when they are 30-40 years old. Hair that has already gone gray cannot become black again.

When you start to get older A noticeable change is probably the inevitable “gray hair” which is starting to appear more. to the point of causing many people to become depressed I want to withdraw it completely. But many people are still worrie about removing gray hair. Will it make my hair grayer than before? How true is this story? ยูฟ่าเบท has gathered the information here.

Many people may think that plucking just a few gray hairs is okay. In fact, it can have a negative effect on hair growth in the long run. 

Damage to hair follicles: Plucking gray hairs causes damage to hair follicles. It can cause inflammation and irritation to the scalp. This will weaken the growth of new hair. and eventually results in thinning hair 

No new hair growth occurs: Plucking gray hair disrupts the natural hairs growth cycle. Because hair follicles need time to recover. This can lead to slow hair growth. And this may cause areas where the hair is thinner or shorter than other areas. Or worst of all, it doesn’t grow any new hair at all. 

Gray hairs will grow back in the same spot: Hair follicles that have had gray hairs removed can still grow back. However, the new hairs will remain white or gray.

Gray hairs can be a cause of concern for many people, although some people prefer to pluck out their gray hair. But there are other ways to deal with gray haisr that are better in the long run.

Use products to hide gray hairsThere are many products design to conceal gray hairs, such as mascara. And HairShadow It’s easy to use, gives good results, and is suitable for people with only a little gray hairs who want to temporarily cover up some of their gray hairs.

Use shampoo to cover white hair : Another good and quick method is to use White hair covering shampoo which can be done easily By yourself, just wash your hair. The color is generally long-lasting and lasts from 3 weeks to 1 month.

Hair Dye: If you want more long-lasting coverage. Dyeing your hair is the solution. Just choose a shade that is close to your natural hair color. Or choose other shades as desired

Highlighting:  Highlighting can help camouflage gray hairs. By layering highlights throughout, you’ll add a lighter shade to your hair. Gray hairs will blend naturally with highlighted hairs. In other words, highlighting also adds style to the look.

Embrace gray hair: Instead of trying to hide it, Try to open your heart and accept that having gray hairs is natural. And you can create style as well through doing various hair styles.