Includes tips to preserve your hair color to make it beautiful for longer.

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Current hair coloring or hair dyeing It’s not just to hide gray hair. But it is also one of the most popular trends among both women and men. Especially teenagers or the new generation will love fashionable hair coloring very much. Which, when done, everyone wants their hair color to be fresh and bright. Does not peel off easily So we’ve zoomed in on how to take care of your hair and make it beautiful and long-lasting to give you some tips to use.

Nourish your hair before coloring it: A good start is more than half the battle. The same is true of hair. If starting with healthy hair When coloring your hair, it will help the hair to be color easily and for a long time. Therefore, it is UFABET recommend to nourish your hair 1-2 weeks before coloring it by doing a treatment, cream or steam treatment to make the hair strong be ready for coloring each time.

Do not wash your hair for at least 72 hours: The process of coloring or bleaching hair causes the hair cuticles to open. So after coloring your hair, You should wait for the hair tips to close. Before washing hair You should wait at least 2-3 days.

Avoid using shampoos that contain Sulfate: Ingredients like sulfates. Which is a substance that creates foam to help clean It may cause the hair color to fade quickly. It is recommend to look for shampoos and conditioners specifically for colored hair.

Be diligent in masking your hair: Dry and damaged hair is another reason why hair color fades quickly. For people who have had their hair chemically bleached or bleached. It is recommend to use the hair mask regularly to help replenish moisture in the hair.

Use as little heat as possible: It is best to avoid using hot styling tools. If unavoidable, low temperature is recommend. Including using a spray that helps protect the hair from additional heat.

Use a shower with a filter: Using a shower with a filter that filters out chlorine. And impurities from tap water is another tip that helps preserve your hair color and is good for your overall hair health.

Refrain from swimming in the sea or chlorinated pools: Because the chlorine in the sea is good and in the pool is good. It is one of the reasons why hair color comes off or fades faster. And it also makes hair dry and crispy. Therefore, you can abstain. Hair will have bright, bright and long-lasting color.